Explorers of the North Atlantic since 1982

The Journey - with ferry to Iceland and/or the Faroe Islands

M/S Norröna is one of the newest ships in the North Atlantic and the only passenger ship dedicated to operating in the North Atlantic all year round. The ferry takes in total 1.482 passengers and 800 cars.


Norröna is sailing the route Denmark-Faroe Islands-Iceland the whole year.


Norröna has weekly departures from Denmark to the Faroe Islands and Iceland. In the low and mid season Norröna has one weekly departure to the Faroe Islands and in the high season two weekly departures. This gives you the opportunity to explore two magnificent destinations in one journey. Combine your Iceland journey with a 3 nights stop-over in the Faroe Islands on the way to Iceland or a 2 nights stop-over in the Faroe Islands on your homebound. Or you can choose to stay on the islands for a longer period. 


One of the great advantages by travelling with Norröna is that you have the opportunity to bring your own car, camper or motorcycle with you and that you don’t have to worry about overweight.    


In addition to one way and return travels, Smyril Line also offers what we call the Viking Cruise. The North Atlantic Cruise period runs from early April to mid October. The North Atlantic Cruise starts from Denmark on a Saturday and lasts for a week. This North Atlantic Cruise gives you the opportunity to experience both Iceland and the Faroe Islands in one journey. You get two days in Iceland, where you have the opportunity to go on excursions. You also get two stops for 9 and 6 hours in the Faroe Islands.


Today P/F Smyril Line is a well-reputed shipping company linking the North Atlantic and continental Europe. 


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