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Iceland and the Faroe Islands
- Travel by Ferry with Smyril Line

Listed by Lonely Planet to be One of the World's Best Travel Destinations in 2013


Whether you are looking for a self-drive holiday, an Explorer trip, a Cruise, or for any other purpose are considering a visit to one or both of these great island destinations, the M/S Norröna is a good choice. 

This enjoyable form of travel allows you to bring your car, your motorcycle, or caravan with you, and you get a unique opportunity for time to rest and socializing as well as a nature experience when the ship crosses the Atlantic to the north. We offer both transportation only as well as complete travel packages with accommodation (e.g. hotel or holiday house). There are many possibilities, and we hope you will find inspiration on this website.


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  • Inspirational Iceland

    Inspirational Iceland

    Smyril Line enables you to experience Iceland at its very best - especially if you take your own car with you.

  • Faroe Islands

    Faroe Islands

    "The most attractive, inviting and fascinating island community." (National Geographic Traveler)

  • Take the Viking Cruise

    Take the Viking Cruise

    Follow the path of the Vikings to the North Atlantic - only on a much better ship.

  • Solar Eclipse 2015

    Solar Eclipse 2015

    On the 20th of March 2015 you have the chance to experience a total solar eclipse that will cover the Faroe Islands.