Ferry prices 2019 Denmark-Iceland

In the tabs below you will find the total prices for our most common combinations of travellers and vehicle. Click on a price to see details.


How to find the price of your travel

  1. Select the price table for your vehicle type (choose tab below)
  2. Find the column that corresponds to your travel period (winter, low, mid, or high season) and your number of travellers (horizontally). Now, move downwards (inside this column) to choose a cabin type (vertically). Move the mouse marker over the thumbnail to enlarge the cabin image.
  3. Once you have found your combination, click on the selected price in order to see details. If you are satisfied with choice and wish to proceed to booking, just click on "Book this online", which you will find immediately below the price calculation.


Didn't you find the right combination?

In our online booking system you can easily get the prices. Press 'Book online' in the table below and fill in the required boxes.


We are happy to help you calculate the price of your journey

customer service

Please call us at +298 345900 or chat with us for further information. You can also fill out this booking request formula, and we'll get back to you with a price estimate.