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Smyril Line - Travel with your camper, caravan or large car to Iceland and the Faroe Islands

Travel with your camper, caravan or large car to Iceland and the Faroe Islands

Save money by stopping over in the Faroe Islands on the way back from Iceland Friday to Sunday during our summer sailing. Save up to € 445 per vehicle!

Explore the fantastic archipelago on your return journey from Iceland and save money! If you are traveling to Iceland in the period 9th of June till the 19th of August you should definitely consider a stopover in the Faroe Islands from Friday to Sunday on your return journey from Iceland and spend three great days in the Faroe Islands. You can save on the height supplement as well as on the length supplement on the return journey.


The sailing schedule on the outbound journey

  • Departure from Hirtshals, Denmark: Tuesday at 11:30
  • Arrival Seyðisfjörður, Iceland: Thursday at 08:30


The sailing schedule on the homebound journey

  • Departure Seyðisfjörður, Iceland: Thursday at 10:30
  • Arrival Tórshavn, the Faroe Islands: Friday at 03:00
  • Stay in the Faroe Islands during the weekend (Friday-Sunday)
  • Departure from the Faroe Islands: Sunday evening at 23:30
  • Arrival Hirtshals, Denmark: Tuesday at 09:30


Passengers are advised to keep informed about any schedule changes.


Practical information

It is permitted to take gas cylinders aboard, it should be presented in one way or another - for example, with a sticker on the windshield. All gas/flammable liquid injection shall be closed and disconnected before driving on board. For those who have a fridge in the vehicle, it is not possible to get power supply. It is only allowed to take canned food in to Iceland.


For further information about campsites in Iceland and the Faroe Islands, please visit camping.fo/locations and inspiredbyiceland.com/Camping.


Price per person when 2 people travel together


With a vehicle (max 5 m L. and 1,9-2,5 m H.):


from € 1,080

Valid 19.06-07.08.2018



With a camper (max 5 m L. and over 2,5 m H.):


from € 1,173

Valid 19.06-07.08.2018



  • Hirtshals-Seyðisfjörður-Tórshavn-Hirtshals
  • Couchettes incl. today's lunch in the Diner
  • Your own vehicle

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    How to spend 3 days in the Faroes

    How to make the most out of three days in the Faroe Islands

    1st Day:

    Tour the main islands Streymoy and Eyturoy to enjoy the beguiling Faroese landscape. Don't miss the natural harbour in Gjógv or the isolated silty bay in Saksun and make sure you pay a visit to the fossilized giants Risin and Kellingin. 


    Gjógv Faroe Islands

    2nd Day:

    Drive from the capital Tórshavn to the charming island of Vágar. Head along the shores of Lake Leitisvatn towards the village Gásadalur in its splendid isolation. On your way back make sure to catch a boat tour to the magnificent bird cliffs near Vestmanna.

    Bird cliffs Faroe Islands

    3rd Day:

    We recommend a visit to the ancient heart of Faroese culture Kirkjuböur with the remains of the Magnus Cathedral and the oldest church still in use in the Faroes St. Olav's Church. Also make time for a stroll in the old Tórshavn where you will find the oldest parliament in the world.

    Kirkjuböur Faroe Islands


    1st day

    Tour the main islands Streymoy and Eysturoy to enjoy historical sites and the beguiling Faroese landscape. On the biggest island in the archipelago, Streymoy, we recommend a visit to the ancient heart of Faroese culture Kirkjubøur. It is home to the remains of the Magnus Cathedral and the oldest church still in use in the Faroes St. Olav's Church. Also, make time for a stroll in old Tórshavn where you will find the oldest parliament in the world. 



    For more information on how to spend your time in the capital go to: visittorshavn.fo 


    On your drive to Eysturoy, the second largest island in the Faroes, you will cross the bridge connecting Streymoy and Eysturoy. Then continue North to the imposing summits of Slættaratindur (882 meters) and Gráfelli (857 meters), the tallest mountains in the archipelago, located between the villages of Eiði and Gjógv.  



    Gjógv nestles on Eysturoy’s northeastern tip and is best known for its picturesque scenery dotted with multi-colored old house built around its vital natural harbor, which lies protected in the gorge that has given the village its name –  gjógv means gorge in Faroese. It is a fitting name; the harbor carved by the sea was the village’s lifeline before the arrival of modern roads.


    For more information on the sights in Eysturoy go to: visiteysturoy.fo


    2nd day

    Take a 15-minut drive from the capital Tórshavn to the Gamlarætt harbor where you can catch the ferry to Sandoy island (the crossing takes about 30 minutes). 

    Sandoy is known for its fertile agricultural land, this is why the fields are always bustling with activity in summer when hay is made and stored in silos, and the potato fields are lush and green. 




    Around 1,500 people live on Sandoy in six villages; most of the inhabitants earn their living from the fishing industry. Many of the villages are said to have been inhabited since Viking times. Archeological excavations in the village of Sandur have demonstrated that it is indeed one of the oldest in the Faroe Islands. 

    For inspiration for your Sandoy trip go to: visitsandoy.fo


    3rd day

    We recommend a visit to the North. The ‘Northern Isles’ is a term used to describe the six islands of Fugloy, Svínoy, Viðoy, Borðoy, Kunoy and Kalsoy, which make up the northeastern corner of the Faroe Islands.


    These six islands are very different, each has its own distinctive character. Together they make up a unit around the second largest town in the Faroes, Klaksvík. Here you will find dramatic landscapes, idyllic villages and people who live in close connection with the beautiful, but treacherous ocean.


    For all you need to plan your trip up North go to: visitnordoy.fo

    Camping Card Iceland 2018

    Camping card Iceland

    The 2018 Camping Card gives access to 42 campsites in Iceland and is valid for up to 2 adults and 4 children aged 16 and younger. The purchase of the card entitles you to free stays at all the sites in the scheme without restrictions on the number of visits. Additional services, such as electricity, are not included in the price. All sites included are carefully selected and are distributed throughout the country.


    The Camping Card is valid from the 15th of May until the 15th of September.


    The Camping Card 2018 can be purchased on board Norröna for only € 149

    • It is valid for 28 nights. 
    • It gives access to approx. 42 campsites
    • It is valid while campsites are open (campsites open on different dates during spring)
    • It is valid for 2 adults and 4 children aged 16 or younger

    Read more campingcard.is  


    For more information about campsites in Iceland, please visit visiticeland.com.



    Catalogue (single)

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      Camping in the Faroe Islands

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      Inspiration catalogue

      Inspiration to your stay on the Faroe Islands.

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