Smyril Line is expanding in Hirtshals


Smyril Line is expanding in Hirtshals

Smyril Line has just announced the construction of a 3,350m2 office and storage facility in Hirtshals, which is scheduled for completion this autumn. The building will be adjacent to the North Sea Terminal and the area in the Hirtshals harbour complex often referred to as the ‘container harbour’ where Smyril Line’s Norröna, Eystnes and Hvítanes dock every week.


‘We are enhancing our service and will now be bringing in-house services that have so far been outsourced,’ says Rúni Vang Poulsen Smyril Line CEO. 


He further explains, ‘We will get a better feel for all the links in our services, and that will enables us to enhance the level of our service provision, both for freight and passenger transport.’


At Smyril Line we welcome this expansion and the opportunities it gives us to strengthen the development of our activities in Hirtshals. The design and the location were both selected with a view to cementing our position as the first-choice transport provider in the North Atlantic. The new facilities will make it easier, better and more efficient to handle passengers, vehicles and freight. 


In the new building, approximately 700 m2 will be allocated to offices and the remaining 2,700m2 will be assigned to storage and other service needs. 
Last week Smyril Line signed an agreement with the company HMU A/S about constructing the facilities, which are expected to be completed on October 1. 


The next step will be finding staff to join our team. The first have already been hired, but there are still some vacancies to be filled later this year. Smyril Line expects to employ 20 to 25 people in Hirtshals.


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Smyril Line runs the only passenger ferry to Iceland and the Faroe Islands. M/S Norröna has weekly departures from Denmark.


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