Getting around in Iceland is easy, but travellers should always take precaution

In connection with Norröna sailing to/from Seyðisfjørður, there are of course many practical questions from our travelers. Below we have compiled a series of practical information.

Seyðisfjørður is located on the east side of Iceland, and the closest town to Seyðisfjørður is Egilsstaðir.

The car is the most common mode of transport and car rental agencies can be found in most major towns.

Beware that Iceland's beautiful and rugged landscape also contains some difficulties for the driver. Drive carefully and monitor the weather forecast, especially during winter.

By bus

There is an extensive bus service to most parts of the country and to the highlands. Reservations are not necessary and tickets can be bought either at the bus station or from the driver. Children under 4 travel free of charge, and half price is charged for children from 4-11.  

From Seyðisfjörður it is easy to take the bus to all major destinations in Iceland. If your destination is Reykjavik you either take the bus going north or south. First you take the bus from Seyðisfjørður to Egilsstaðir, which takes around 30 minutes. 

If you choose to take the northern route you can take the bus from Egilsstaðir to Akureyri and then from Akureyri to Reykjavik. The trip from Seyðisfjörður to Reykjavík takes approx. 8-9 hours (if you don't stay overnight anywhere on the way) and from Seyðisfjörður to Akureyri about 5-6 hours.  

You can also take the southern route going from Egilsstaðir to Höfn and then from Höfn to Reykjavik. 

For further information please stop at the tourist information center located at the harbor in Seyðisfjørður upon arrival. Tel: +354-472-1551 - -


Increasing number of visitors use cycling as a means of transport, but observe that Icelandic nature and weather can be challenging.

Travelling around Iceland on two wheels is both challenging and rewarding. There is no better way to experience the beauty of Iceland than from the saddle of your bicycle. But the weather is unpredictable and the distances you'll need to cover can be long. Many bike enthusiasts come to Iceland to enjoy the Ring Road, the well-known highway number 1, that runs around the country. Others choose more difficult paths into the highlands, such as the beautiful trail across Kjölur. Here are some things to keep in mind.

If you intend to travel into the highlands, be prepared to face gravel roads, as most of the roads in the Icelandic highlands are not paved. You should not travel alone in the Icelandic interior. In some cases, you can expect unbridged rivers. Do not attempt to cross them without taking proper safety measures. Fully equipped bikes with shock absorbers are probably a good idea as well.

Outside of urban areas, bike paths are uncommon, and cyclists will usually have to share the road with motor driven vehicles. You should expect hilly terrain and more than a few blind rises along Icelandic roads. The distances between urban areas are often considerable, so make sure you bring appropriate equipment for basic repairs as well as extra tubes and tires. Maps, GPS and communication equipment is also important.

Bring good protective clothing. You should anticipate both rain and wind during your trip, so make sure that the clothing is both warm and water resistant. Gloves are indispensable, as temperature can drop suddenly, particularly in higher altitudes.


In addition, keep in mind that Icelandic nature is very delicate. Bikes can easily cause damage to the environment. Stay on path and if you need to cross a sensitive area, simply pick up the bike and carry it. Also, make sure someone has your travel plans in case of emergency. Writing your name in a guestbook is not just courtesy, it can be an important safety measure as well.

Domestic flights  

Domestic airlines provide daily flights between Reykjavík and most major destinations. Iceland has no railways but bus companies cover the country with their network. There is also a number of ferry services connecting ports.

If your destination is the capital Reykjavik and you don't want to spend hours in a bus, you have the opportunity to take a flight from Egilsstaðir airport, which is the closest airport to Seyðisfjørður. There is a connecting bus service from Seyðisfjørður to the airport. Egilsstaðir airport has regular flights to the capital. For domestic flight information go to 

Bus connections

Local bus in Seyðisfjørður:

How to drive in Iceland

How to drive in Iceland Play

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