Simmer Dim – a gastronomic innovation

By Johan Mortensen, food expert, 12.09.2017

The Simmer Dim restaurant on board Norröna has a new head chef, 37-year-old Janus Einar Sørensen. Janus has worked at a number of renowned restaurants including Koks in the Faroe Islands and Noma, Studio and Almanak in Denmark. One of his mentors and inspirations is Danish chef Torsten Vildgaard, who founded Noma’s famous Foodlab. 
Janus clearly draws on his experience from these reputed kitchens. His five-course menu at Simmer Dim is light, elegant and different, it is both bursting with flavour and visually stunning served with flower ornaments on beautiful tableware. 
The evening when we tried the menu it included an enticing fermented fish broth with dill oil and noodles made from celery and sweet chervil, it brought to mind Japanese cuisine.
Janus plans to focus on seasonal Faroese ingredients, including plants and vegetables. Simmer Dim’s maître d'hôtel is the young and skilled Rani Lamhauge Beder.
Svein í Heiðunum deserves credit for the radical transformation and enhancement of Simmer Dim.

Janus, Svein and Rani are very ambitious and Simmer Dim will undoubtedly evolve further still, to the great benefit of Smyril Line, Faroese gastronomy and Faroese food producers. 
Simmer Dim is an outstanding experience, for local and international guests alike. 

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