Sjóbúðin – Tax Free

Norröna has a well-assorted tax free shop on deck 5: Sjóbúðin.

We offer a wide selection of customary tax-free goods, as well as a broad spectrum of Faroese and Icelandic design. Several Faroese clothing brands proudly adorn our shelves. We also offer handcrafted and designer living products from Denmark, Faroe Islands and Iceland.

In the perfume, cosmetics and accessories area we offer everything from novelties to classics from the world's leading brands. Visit our large specialty section containing wine, spirits and sweets. The opportunities are abundant - and the prices very competitive.

Duty-free allowances: See PDF

Minibar - cold beverages & tasty snacks

If you book a cabin with window, you have the possibility of booking the minibar in advance. This way your minibar will be open and you can enjoy cold beverages and tasty snacks in your cabin.

You can choose between minibar with or without alcohol. Please see what is included below.

The minbar is included in the price for the deluxe cabins and the suites and consists of: 2 Aqua D'or, 2 beer cans, 2 soda cans, 1 chocolate bar and 1 Kims Chips (minibag). Subject to change.

If you book the minibar for the North Atlantic Cruise, the minibar will only be filled up once, which is on the departure from Hirtshals. If you prefer to have it refilled (in Seyðisfjørður for instance), you need to pay for a new refill, either while on board or in advance.


Minibar without alcohol € 12
(the price onboard € 16)

2 x Still water 50cl.
2 x Sparkling water 33cl.
2 x Coca Cola 33cl.
2 x Fanta 33cl.
1 x KitKat
2 x Kims Chips 25g.
1 x Haribo Candy 500g.
2 x Chocolate Twix mini
2 x Chocolate Snickers mini


Minibar with alcohol € 17
(the price onboard € 20)

2 x Still water 50cl.
2 x Sparkling water 33cl.
2 x Coca Cola 33cl.
2 x Føroya Bjór Veðr beer 33cl.
2 x Føroya Bjór Gull beer 33cl.
1 x Red wine Casa Major
2 x Kims Chips 25g.
2 x Chocolate Twix mini
2 x Chocolate Snickers mini

Please note that the content of the minibar may change.

Hot tubs

Enjoy a hot tub experience with a view like no other.


We have three hot tubs, each large enough for six people. The Hot Tubs are located outside on deck 7, starboard side.

Facts & prices

At the time of booking, a deposit of DKK 100 (EUR 13,38) is required for the loan of bathrobes and slippers, which have to be returned after the bath. Once they are returned, DKK 80 will be refunded.  

1 Hot Tub (up to 6 people): DKK 199 / EUR 26,9  (1 hour)            

Booking & payment

Reservations are made in the reception on deck 5.
The Reception hands out bathrobes and slippers.
Hot tubs cannot be pre-booked.
Bookings are for 1 hour.


Watch the newest movies in the cinema. The cinema on deck 5 can seat up to 23 people. Tickets for the cinema are sold at the reception on board.
Price per adult (16+): EUR 8,8
Price per child: EUR 6,8

The movies shown in our cinema are all new movies, so why not buy a ticket and just relax while watching a good movie together with something refreshing and snack.

Get refreshments and snacks at a favourable price at the reception.


Enjoy a nice cup of coffee, a drink or a glass of wine in Undirhúsið on deck 5. During the day you can sit and enjoy the view of the Atlantic Ocean, read a book, play bingo or listen to some of the best Faroese artists playing live music. Undirhúsið can seat up to 225 guests and can also be used as a conference room for corporate events and meetings.

Laterna Magica

Laterna Magica is new and located on deck 10, thirty metres above sea level. It offers spectacular views of the ocean horizon as we cross the Atlantic. 

At Laterna Magica we offer light meals, nibbles and a broad selection of drinks. Our menu includes homemade paninis, Nordic rolls, and charcuterie & cheese boards, the perfect paring with wine or beer. Every morning Laterna Magica welcomes you with warm croissants and several types of freshly ground coffee. 


Swimming pool

Take a refreshing dip in our swimming pool on deck 2.
There is also a sauna and a fitness area. 

The reception

Welcome to the reception on deck 5. The staff in the reception is always ready to assist and help you.

During the summer and shoulder season, the reception is open 24 hrs a day.

During the winter season, the reception is open from 8am to 10pm every day, but if you need assistance outside these opening hours, you are welcome to call.


These are a few of the things that the reception can help and assist you with

Cabin upgrades

Information regarding your booking, such as what meals you have pre-booked

Sales and information regarding the excursions we sell in the Faroe Islands and Iceland

Weather updates

Tax free refunds (tax free refund forms from Iceland must be handed to the customs in the terminal in Seyðisfjörður)

Luggage boxes

Fridge to store your medication

Cash exchange and withdrawal 


These are a few of the things that you can purchase in the reception

Wi-Fi access



Cinema tickets

Road maps


Minibar for the cabin 


“Over the counter” medication

Wireless internet

In collaboration with Telenor Maritime, Smyril Line can provide travelers with Internet access while sailing.

Internet access can be purchased online on board, and only payment with credit card is accepted. It is also possible to buy voucher codes for the internet in the reception on board, where you can pay either in cash or with a credit card.

Payment is for the period you wished, and not for hours you are online.

Prices for the purchase of Internet time on board are:

1 hour: € 7
4 hours: € 9
30 hours: € 16
48 hours: € 21



Football pitch

The football pitch is located on the portside of deck 8 on open deck. And there is also a small play area for the children. 

Teen room

A great place on deck 6 where children and teenagers can meet and have fun playing Play Station games.


The playground is located in Nóatún Cafeteria. Here children can meet peers, find new friends and play for hours.

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