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  • Glacier lagoon amphibian boat trip ()

    Glacier lagoon amphibian boat trip

    Duration of the trip
    30-40 minutes.

    Boat trip with English speaking guide, use of safety vests.


Glacier lagoon amphibian boat trip

Without a shadow of a doubt, the glacier lagoon is one of the highlights of every trip to Iceland. The enormous icebergs that float on the lake, with their bizarre forms and the fantastic colour variations of white, blue and gray, are unforgetteable. From the shore it already looks magnificent, but with the boat you get much closer, so you can see it all a lot better. The explanations of the guide, about the glacier, the lake and the ice, make it all even more interesting. And of course it is a fun experience to ride over the land and then straight into the water, where the boat changes over to sailing mode.

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