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  • Whale safari boat trip from Reykjavík ()

    Whale safari boat trip from Reykjavík

    2½ - 3½ hour

    The boat tour, use of overalls or rain gear and guide (English speaking, and often other languages as well)


Whale safari boat trip from Reykjavík

Take part in a memorable journey to the world of whales and seabirds. This is an adventure at sea! Our boat is conveniently located in the Port of Reykjavík, from where it takes only a 20 minute journey to reach the natural habitat of the whales. Common sightings in the area include the minke whale, the white-beaked dolphin, porpoise and the popular humpback whale. The majestic ordinary and sei whales, as well as the orca, sometimes accompany our boat. 

We always see a variety of birds, such as gannets, puffins, guillemots, cormorants, all kinds of gulls, kittiwakes, arctic terns and many others. The tour passes several islands where colonies of puffins nest, so there is much to photograph. All participants may borrow warm overalls and raincoats. For safety, all children under 12 wear a life jacket during the voyage. To ensure that the whales are not disturbed by our presence, we sail with a constant, non-changing speed to the habitat of the whales. The result is that all kinds of sea life, from the humpback whale to the smallest porpoises, often make an appearance at the surface of the water near the boat!

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