Combine Iceland & the Faroe Islands

On your way to or from Iceland you pass the Faroe Islands. Here you have the possibility to have a stop over, either on your way to Iceland or on your way back home. 

Stop over option during the summer season

Stop over in the Faroe Islands when sailing to Iceland:

  • Start your journey from Denmark on Saturday, you arrive in the Faroe Islands on a Sunday and you can spend 3 days in the Faroe Islands (Sunday to Wednesday). 

Stop over in the Faroe Islands when sailing from Iceland:

  • When you sail back from Iceland on Thursday, you will arrive in the Faroe Islands Friday morning. Here you have the possibility to stop in the Faroe Islands from Friday morning to Sunday evening. 

Stop over option outside the summer season

If you would like to have a stop over in the Faroe Islands outside the summer season, the stop will be for one week: 

  • Arriving from Denmark: You will arrive in the Faroe Islands on a Monday and you can head for Iceland the week after.
  • Arriving from Iceland: You will arrive in the Faroe Islands on a Thursday and you can head from Iceland the week after.  

We are happy to help you with any accommodation you might need. There are several accommodation options in the capital Tórshavn, as well as in the smaller villages outside Tórshavn. Please contact us on +298 34 59 00 or and we will assist. 


10 highlights of Iceland

Are you looking for an authentic nature experience in Iceland? But perhaps you hesitate because of the growing tourist numbers, particularly around Reykjavík (The Golden Circle). Rest assured, that we are experts in identifying areas in Iceland that are not overrun by tourists. We have a wealth of ideas for authentic Icelandic nature experience in places where hospitable locals would be proud to show you their country.

10 ideas to experiencing Iceland
10 highlights of Iceland

Camping Card Iceland 2021

The Icelandic Camping Card is a smart card that gives two adults and up to four children access to around 40 campsites around Iceland. Each card is valid for 28 nights and the card is valid for a tent, caravan, motorhome or other camping units.

Buy your card at the reception on board MS Norröna for only € 159.

For more information, please visit​ or contact Smyril Line.

Camping Card Iceland 2021

10 highlights of the Faroe Islands

We warmly recommend the grandiose land and seascapes of the Faroe Islands. The archipelago is known for its mild winters and cool summers, but regardless of the season, you will be immersed in spectacular panoramas as soon as you sail into its fjords.

10 ideas to experiencing the Faroe Islands
10 highlights of the Faroe Islands

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