Experience the world's most unspoiled and unique archipelago

The island hopping offers you accommodation at hotels in different regions of the Faroe Islands. This gives you the opportunity to get to know the country and its people first hand, and discover the best places for hiking and other adventures. We have created our island hopping packages with 3, 4, 5, 7, 10 or 14 nights in the Faroe Islands.

The Faroe Islands is a small country and getting around is easy. The two largest islands, Streymoy and Eysturoy, are connected by a bridge, and there is a sub-sea tunnel connecting Eysturoy to Borðoy.  

Period Duration Prices from
Spring & Autumn
17.04-29.05, 21.08-25.09.2021
8 day trip Sat.-Sat.
(3 - night stay)
€ 700 p/p
2-berth cabin w/o window
€ 700 p/p
2-berth cabin with window
€ 740 p/p
Double bed cabin with window
€ 770 p/p
Deluxe cabin
€ 840 p/p
Spring & Autumn
17.04-22.05, 21.08-18.09.2021
15 day trip Sat.-Sat.
(10 - night stay)
€ 1330 p/p
2-berth cabin w/o window
€ 1330 p/p
2-berth cabin with window
€ 1370 p/p
Double bed cabin with window
€ 1400 p/p
Deluxe cabin
€ 1470 p/p
8 day trip Tue.-Tue.
(4 - night stay)
€ 790 p/p
2-berth cabin w/o window
€ 790 p/p
2-berth cabin with window
€ 830 p/p
Double bed cabin with window
€ 860 p/p
Deluxe cabin
€ 930 p/p
8 day trip Sat.-Sat.
(5 - night stay)
€ 880 p/p
2-berth cabin w/o window
€ 880 p/p
2-berth cabin with window
€ 920 p/p
Double bed cabin with window
€ 950 p/p
Deluxe cabin
€ 1020 p/p
11 day trip Sat.-Tue.
(7 - night stay)
€ 1060 p/p
2-berth cabin w/o window
€ 1060 p/p
2-berth cabin with window
€ 1100 p/p
Double bed cabin with window
€ 1130 p/p
Deluxe cabin
€ 1200 p/p
18 day trip Sat.-Tue.
(14 - night stay)
€ 1690 p/p
2-berth cabin w/o window
€ 1690 p/p
2-berth cabin with window
€ 1730 p/p
Double bed cabin with window
€ 1760 p/p
Deluxe cabin
€ 1830 p/p
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  • Price includes
    • Price per person when 2 people travel together
    • Ferry crossing Denmark – Faroe Islands and return
    • 2-berth cabin without window
    • 1 car <1,9m H & 5m L
    • Accommodation in different hotels in and outside Tórshavn (Hotel Brandan, Hotel Hafnia, Hotel Klaksvík & Hotel Runavík)
    • Breakfast at the hotels
  • Add-ons
    • Book the meals on board in advance and save money. See the restaurants and prices here
    • Minibar in cabins with window: with alcohol € 17 / without alcohol € 12
You are welcome to phone us on +298 345900 for further information or send an email to booking@smyrilline.com Book the trip

Favourable payment terms: Pay 25% at the time of booking, however a minimum of € 400. The remainder is payable to SML no later than 30 days prior to departure. Take advantage of our attractive payment terms and book the desired cabin type and departure date well in advance.


Further information & inspiration

  • Hotel Brandan

    Hotel Brandan

    Hotel Brandan is a green 4-star hotel perfectly located in the capital Tórshavn, only few minutes from the city center, shopping mall, football stadium and sportcenter of Tórshavn. 

    Oknarvegur 2, 100 Tórshavn
    +298 309290

    Read more
  • Hotel Hafnia

    Hotel Hafnia

    A hotel in the historical part of town. From the hotel’s roof terrace, there is a unique panoramic view over the whole town and harbour.

    4-10 Áarvegur, Tórshavn
    +298 313233

    Read more
  • Hotel Klaksvík

    Hotel Klaksvík

    Hotel Klaksvík is well located in the second largest town in the Faroe Islands, Klaksvík, on the island Borðoy. 

    Víkavegur 38, 700 Klaksvík
    +298 455333

    Read more
  • Hotel Runavík

    Hotel Runavík

    Hotel Runavík is conveniantly located in the Faroe Islands on the island Eysturoy. 

    Heiðavegur 6, 620 Runavík
    +298 663333

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Island hopping

This package gives you the opportunity to experience different regions of the Faroe Islands.

City comfort

Here you stay in one of our hotels in the center of the capital Tórshavn. 
We have 2 hotels: 

Hotel Hafnia
A hotel in the historical part of town. From the hotel’s roof terrace, there is a unique panoramic view over the whole town and harbour. Read more here: hafnia.fo 

Hotel Brandan
The hotel is perfectly located in the capital Tórshavn, only few minutes from the city center. Read more here: hotelbrandan.com

Holiday homes

Holiday home packages include accommodation in privately owned houses. Heating and electricity is included, and bed linen and end cleaning is mandatory.

Special needs

If you have special needs, then please inform us upon booking.

Please note

We cannot guarantee that the specific options you request, such as room type or package, will be available when booking. However, we will do our utmost to offer you a suitable alternative. Package prices will offcourse, reflect any changes accordingly.

  • Tórshavn


    With only around 20,000 inhabitants, Tórshavn is not just one of the world’s smallest capitals, but also one of the most charming ones with an exciting mix of old and new. Explore the city on foot and see old protected buildings side-by-side with modern architectural design. We especially recommend a stroll around the little Tinganes promontory, which is the seat of government, and to the adjacent traditional neighbourhood Reyn with its quaint idyll. The National Gallery of the Faroe Islands as well as the Nordic House also merit a visit. In addition, the Faroe Islands offer exciting shopping opportunities. Local design wares can be found for example at Østrøm and Guðrun & Guðrun. You can also savour Nordic cuisine at several of the little capital’s exciting and enticing restaurants.

    Tip: Look out for Summartónar, Faroe Islands Festival of Classical and Contemporary Music. The festival arranges a wealth of concerts around the country and several are free!

  • Nólsoy


    Nólsoy is the beautiful green island you see just facing Tórshavn. The island is only ten square kilometres, but that is more than enough room for the 817 sheep, the few hundred thousand birds and the 225 people who live in Nólsoy. Nólsoy is the island for anyone who wants to experience both nature and village charm at once. It offers scenic nature walks, for example along the old cairn path across the mountain Eggjarklettur out to the lighthouse on Borðan. The walk takes around four hours. There are several cafés in Nólsoy’s only village, which carries the same name as the island. Live music is regularly on the programme. 

    You can read more about tours and experiences in Nólsoy and how to get to Nólsoy by following this link: visitnolsoy.fo. Please also visit excursions.fo for a guided trip to Nólsoy.

  • Kirkjubøur


    The historic village Kirkjubøur is a 10-minute drive from Tórshavn. Kirkjubøur was the bishop’s seat and thus the spiritual and cultural hub of the Faroe Islands. St. Olav’s Church (11th century), Magnus Cathedral (12th century) and the Kirkjubøargarður farm, which is now home to the 17th generation of the Patursson family, are all monuments that bear witness to a long history. Why not take a gentle hike from Tórshavn to Kirkjubøur along the old path? The trip is 7-km-long and relatively easy. The views are superb.

  • Vestmanna Seacliffs

    Vestmanna Seacliffs

    The Vestmanna Cliffs and Sea Stacks are one of the major tourist attractions in the Faroe Islands. We recommend a boat trip to the Vestmanna Seacliffs where you get the chance to come up close to bird life, majestic grottos and imposing cliffs. Book your boat trip on excursions.fo.

  • Saksun & Tjørnuvík

    Saksun & Tjørnuvík

    Picturesque Saksun is a popular excursion in northwestern Streymoy. At low tide you can walk the 3 km to the Atlantic shore. The old farm Dúvugarðar dates from the 17th century and is open during the summer as a museum and café. A little further north in Streymoy you will find Tjørnuvík overlooking the bay with its vistas of the famous sea stacks The Giant and The Hag.

    We recommend a photo stop on the way to or from Tjørnuvík at the stunning waterfall Fossá.

  • Gjógv


    Charming Gjógv is on the north coast of Eysturoy. The village is known for its natural harbour in a ravine formed by the sea. It was the village’s main artery until the road came in 1960. Gjógv is a Faroese word for ravine. The old shop from 1883 serves as both a shop and café in summer. In addition, the Guesthouse Gjáargarður has a restaurant. There are excellent hiking opportunities in the area. Near Gjógv you will find the tallest mountain in the Faroe Islands, Slættaratindur. Hike up the 880-m-tall mountain, put up your feet and enjoy the magnificent panorama.

  • Mykines


    Mykines is the westernmost island in the archipelgo. The walk from the village Mykines out to the islet with the lighthouse is a breathtaking experience. Enjoy the grandiose ocean views to the west and the island scenery to the east as you walk across the island. This place is known as ‘bird paradise’ describing its rich, bustling bird life, including hundreds of cute puffins, which build their burrows here in summer. In order to book your ferry place and/or pay for access to walk through the puffin colony out to Mykineshólmur visit mykines.fo. Please note that this excursion is weather dependent.

  • Trælanípan & Gásadalur

    Trælanípan & Gásadalur

    Trælanípa is among the most photographed locations in the Faroe Islands. From the edge of this premonitory you will stare down a 142 m vertical drop into the sea, and at the same time you see lake Sørvágsvatn, the largest lake in the Faroe Islands. From this vantage point you can also marvel at the southern tip of Streymoy as well as Hestur, Koltur, Sandoy, Skúvoy and Suðuroy. To the other side you can take in the bird cliffs Sørvágsbjørg, Mykines and Mykineshólmur.

    We recommend a guided hike to Trælanípan, which you can book on excursions.fo.

    In the village Gásadalur you will find the most famous waterfall in the Faroe Islands, Múlafossur, which tumbles straight into the Atlantic Ocean. Among the characteristic grass-thatched houses lies
    Gásadalsgarður, now a guesthouse with a café. Here you can take in the village idyll and savour homemade Faroese specialities.

  • Klaksvík


    Klaksvík is the second largest town in the Faroe Islands. It is nestled in a northfacing bay, which makes a superb harbour. The city is guarded by towering mountains, including Klakkur, which the town is named after.

    We recommend a hike (1,5 h) to Klakkur. In fair weather you will have magnificent views. Klaksvík also offers culture, shopping in lovely little boutiques, as well as charming cafés.

  • Sandur


    Sandur, which is one of the oldest settlements in the Faroe Islands, is the main village on Sandoy. It is known for its sprawling beach and dunes, as well as the beautiful bay Søltuvík on Sandoy’s western shore. In addition, Sandur has two museums and a cosy café. There are regular ferry crossings from Gamlarætt on Streymoy over to Skopun. Visit the Tourist Information by the ferry berth in Skopun for more tips on places to visit in Sandoy.

Book the excursions through Smyril Line 

EXCURSIONS IN THE FAROE ISLANDS offers tailor made tours to some of the most popular sites in the Faroe Islands for both individuals and groups.

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