Experience the world's most unspoiled and unique archipelago

Discover a string of 18 beautiful islands, of which 17 are inhabited. Savour the islands and experience sceneries that you thought only existed in photographs.

The island hopping offers you accommodation at hotels in different regions of the archipelago. This gives you the opportunity to get to know the country and its people first hand, and discover the best places for hiking and other adventures. We have created our island hopping packages with 4, 7, 10 or 11 nights in the Faroe Islands.

Spring and autumn

The 10 night package includes staying 6 nights at hotels outside Tórshavn and 4 nights at hotels in Tórshavn. The departure from Hirtshals is on Saturdays, arrival in Tórshavn early Monday morning and the return from Tórshavn is on Thursday the week after. 


The 4 night package includes staying 2 nights at hotels outside Tórshavn and 2 nights at hotels in Tórshavn. The departure from Hirtshals is on Tuesday, arrival in Tórshavn Wednesday and the return from Tórshavn is Sunday evening, arrival in Hirtshals Tuesday morning.

The 7 night package includes staying 4 nights at hotels outside Tórshavn and 3 nights at hotels in Tórshavn. The departure from Hirtshals is on Saturdays, arrival in Tórshavn Sunday evening and the return from Tórshavn is one week later, arrival in Hirtshals Tuesday morning. 

The 11 night package includes staying 6 nights at hotels outside Tórshavn and 5 nights at hotels in Tórshavn. The departure from Hirtshals is on Saturday 1/6, arrival in Tórshavn Monday morning 3/6 and the return from Tórshavn is Friday morning the week after. Or departure from Hirtshals is on Saturday 17/8, arrival in Tórshavn Sunday evening 18/8 and the return from Tórshavn is on Thursday the week after.

Your stay in the Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands is a small country and getting around is easy. The two largest islands, Streymoy and Eysturoy, are connected by a bridge, Sundabrúgvin and there is a sub-sea tunnel connecting Eysturoy to Borðoy. The other main Islands Sandoy and Suðuroy have excellent car-ferry connections to Streymoy, making motoring in the Faroes easy and pleasant. The ferry M/F Teistin has daily departures from Gamlarætt ferry port to Skopun on Sandoy island. Gamlarætt is located on the west coast of Streymoy, not far from Tórshavn and near the villages Kirkjubøur and Velbastaður. 

You plan your days on the Faroe Islands exactly as you want. It is very easy to drive around the Faroe Islands, especially when you stay in Tórshavn. The Faroe Islands offers a wealth of opportunities to combine peace and quiet with beautiful scenery and culture. Drive up to the mountain road and you will get a fantastic view of the beautiful mountains and fantastic landscapes. 


Season Period Duration of the trip Prices from
Autumn 28.09-19.10.201914 nights Sat.-Sat.
(10 - night stay)
€ 1315 p/p
Autumn 21.09.201914 nights Sat.-Sat.
(10 - night stay)
€ 1415 p/p
Autumn 24.08-14.09.201914 nights Sat.-Sat.
(10 - night stay)
€ 1510 p/p
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  • Price includes
    • Price per person when 2 travel together
    • Denmark-Faroe Islands and return
    • 2-berth cabin without window
    • Your car (max 5 m L/1,9 m H)
    • Accommodation in different hotels in and outside Tórshavn
    • Breakfast on the whole journey
  • Add-ons
    • Book the meals on board in advance and save. See the restaurants and prices here
    • Mini bar in cabins with window: with alcohol € 17 / without alcohol € 12

More info

  • Hotel Hafnia

    Hotel Hafnia

    A hotel in the historical part of town. From the hotel’s roof terrace, there is a unique panoramic view over the whole town and harbour.

    4-10 Áarvegur, Tórshavn
    +298 313233

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  • Hotel Skálavík

    Hotel Skálavík

    Hotel Skálavík is located on the island Sandoy. The bright airy Hotel Skálavík is a stimulating hub for anyone seeking inspiration. 

    Eiler Jacobsens gøta 1, 220 Skálavík
    +298 345900

    Read more
  • Hotel Føroyar

    Hotel Føroyar

    You stay in a wonderfully calm and quiet area, only a 25 min. walk from Tórshavn. The closest neighbour are the birds and sheep. Hotel Føroyar offers breathtaking views of Tórshavn from all rooms.

    Hotel Føroyar is being expanded

    Hotel Føroyar is currenty being expanded. This means that machines and the like from the construction work can be seen at the west end of the hotel, and that a little noise can be heard in the daytime. However, this does not affect the hotel guests' night's sleep, as there is no work at night.

    Oyggjarvegur 45, 100 Tórshavn
    +298 317500

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  • Hotel Brandan

    Hotel Brandan

    Hotel Brandan will open in May 2020. 

    Hotel Brandan will be a green 4-star hotel with the eco-label Greenkey. The hotel is perfectly located in the capital Tórshavn, only few minutes from the city center, shopping mall, football stadium and sportcenter of Tórshavn. The hotel has 124 rooms in total, 4 meeting rooms, sauna, fitness facilities and hot tubs as well as 130 parking places right outside the hotel.

    Oknarvegur 2, 100 Tórshavn
    +298 309200

    Read more
  • Hotel Tórshavn

    Hotel Tórshavn

    Hotel Tórshavn has a fantastic location with a stunning view of the harbour in the front and the Town Hall Square in the back.

    Tórsgøta 2, 100 Tórshavn
    +298 350000

    Read more
  • Hotel Klaksvík

    Hotel Klaksvík

    Hotel Klaksvík is well located in the second largest town in the Faroe Islands, Klaksvík, on the island Borðoy. With a beautiful view over the city, you can enjoy good food and a pleasant visit.

    Víkavegur 38, 700 Klaksvík
    +298 455333

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  • Hotel Runavík

    Hotel Runavík

    Hotel Runavík is conveniantly located in the Faroe Islands on the island Eysturoy. 

    Heiðavegur 6, 620 Runavík
    +298 663333

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  • Hotel Streym

    Hotel Streym

    Hotel Streym is perfectly located with a seaside view and within walking distance from the center of Tórshavn, where you will find shops, restaurants, night clubs and anything else offered by the smallest capital in the world. 

    Yviri við Strond 19, 100 Tórshavn
    +298 355500

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Island hopping

This package gives you the opportunity to experience different regions of the Faroe Islands.


City comfort

Here you stay in the capital Tórshavn.


Holiday homes

Holiday home packages include accommodation in privately owned houses. Heating and electricity is included, and bed linen and end cleaning is mandatory. 


Hotel Skálavík

Hotel Skálavík is situated in the island of Sandoy. When booking a package including Hotel Skálavík, you need to take the ferry M/F Teistin accross to the island. The ferry departs from Gamlarætt and arrives in Skopun. The crossing takes about 30 min. You pay for the crossing on the return from Sandoy. It takes about 20 min. to drive from Tórshavn to Gamlarætt and it takes about 20-30 min. to drive from Skopun to Hotel Skálavík. Vehicles should be in the queue at least 15 min. before departure. Vehicles over 7 m. and / or higher than 1.9 m, need to book in advance at +298 293103. See further information about departure times etc. here.


Breakfast upon early arrival

When arriving in the Faroe Islands Monday morning, breakfast is not included, but can be pre-booked upon request. Prices for extra breakfast may vary from hotel to hotel.


Special needs

If you have special needs, then please inform us upon booking.


Please note

We cannot guarantee that the specific options you request, such as room type or package, will be available when booking. However, we will do our utmost to offer you a suitable alternative. Package prices will offcourse, reflect any changes accordingly.


With only 20,000 inhabitants, Tórshavn is not just one of the world’s smallest capitals, but also one of the most charming ones. This dynamic city, with its creative, innovative and highly educated population, is the political and cultural hub of the Faroes, and, fond as they are of their traditions and cultural legacy, local residents are also keen to embrace emerging global trends. All this means that Tórshavn offers a fascinating mix of Faroese cultural history and all the amenities you would expect to find in a modern 21st century capital. The city is a melting pot of old and new. To take in its contrasts, explore Tórshavn starting from its oldest area down by the harbour, Tinganes, where little grass-thatched houses stretch along narrow meandering alleys then stroll up towards the mountainsides, you will find that the residential neighbourhoods grow younger and trendier as you ascend.



Vestmanna is the starting point for excursions to the awe-inspiring bird cliffs and grottos known as Vestmannabjörgini. In the high season there are several daily departures for the bird cliffs, which is a popular excursion, both among international and local visitors. The boats sail along the mountainside and up to the cliffs themselves, which face the Atlantic sea head on, before heading through narrow straits and into deep grottos formed by the crashing waves over millions of years, to bring you close to the 600-metre-high vertical wall of rock where thousands of seabirds breed. In these majestic surroundings you can feel one with nature, and you will understand why a deeply rooted respect for the forces of nature permeates Faroese culture.



The most photographed village in the Faroes is probably Gjógv, which is located in the northernmost part of Eysturoy. In order to reach Gjógv you will have to cross a high mountain ridge from where you will see a large green valley with striking mountains on both sides. At the very bottom of the valley, the colourful houses are dotted around a beautiful crystal-clear river with a little dam where children play all summer. But the village is best known for its natural harbour. Gjógv means gorge in Faroese and it is precisely in the great gorge cutting into the landscape that the natural harbour is located. Take all the steps down into the gorge, down to the harbour and take in the immense power of nature in surroundsound.


The Northern Islands

Klaksvík is the central hub of the Northern Isles: Kalsoy, Kunoy, Borðoy, Viðoy, Svínoy and Fugloy. The Northern Isles are characterised by towering mountains on the eastern side the islands taper down towards a jagged coastline, which cuts the slopes off into low cliffs, while the northern side is characterised by rugged majestic cliff promontories. The two smallest islands, Svínoy and Fugloy, can only be reached by boat or helicopter, while bridges, dams and tunnels interlink Kunoy, Borðoy and Viðoy, but you will need to catch the ferry to get to Kalsoy.



The village Kirkjubøur is the place in the Faroes where you will find the most remarkable relics of the past. During the Middle Ages the village was the cultural and religious centre of the Faroes and part of the Catholic Church of Norway. The seminary in Kirkjubøur was the first and only one in the Faroes up until the reformation in 1538. King Sverri of Norway grew up here, where he also attended the seminary and was ordained. Today there are around 80 inhabitants in Kirkjubøur, which is a 15-minute drive from Tórshavn.



Sandoy is the fifth largest island in the Faroes and, along with Suðuroy, makes up the large southern island pair in the archipelago. Sandoy is considered the flattest island, with broad valleys and many little lakes, low rounded mountains and sandy beaches. The gently rolling mountains make it appear greener than the other islands with their more rugged craggy mountains.



Mykines island is the westernmost outpost of the Faroes. This island is known for its teeming birdlife as it attracts hundreds of thousands of migratory birds, which nest here in summer. Mykines is also home to the only gannet colony in the Faroes, which in itself makes it quite the attraction, but the charming little puffins with their colourful beaks are probably the island’s main lure, possibly because they are usually happy to pose with their beaks full of fish. Sailing to Mykines takes just under one hour and is one of the best ways to see Tindhólmur up close.

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