North Atlantic Cruise 2020

  • Bus trip to Reyðarfjörður and Lake Lögurinn (Wednesday)

    Bus trip to Reyðarfjörður and Lake Lögurinn

    Approx. 7 hours.

    Bustrip with guide and lunch buffet.

    Spring and autumn

Bus trip to Reyðarfjörður and Lake Lögurinn

Reyðarfjörður is the largest inlet on the east coast of Iceland. From the beginning of 20th century Reyðarfjörður was a trading- and fishing port. Due to the good port conditions and the strategic location, Reyðarfjörður became the second largest of the Allied bases in Iceland during World War II.

Next we continue to Egilsstaðir and further along the southeastern bank of Lake Lögurinn, where we pass the beautiful Hallormsstaðarskógur, which is the largest forest in Iceland. Our next stop is Skriðuklaustur – Cultural Centre East Iceland – a near millennium-old manor, turned cloister and finally cultural institute, Gunnarstofnun, dedicated to Gunnar Gunnarsson, one of Iceland’s most renowned 20th century authors. During our stay there, a lunch buffet will be served in the charming manor café, Klausturkaffi.

Right next to the cultural institute lies Snæfellsstofa, the Visitors’ Centre built for the Vatnajökull National Park, which is Europe’s largest. Finally, on our way back, we will have about an hour stop for relaxing or strolling in Egilsstaðir before we head to Seyðisfjörður.

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