Review from North Atlantic Cruise travelers

By Xenia, Iryna & Sebastian Bruchhardt from Germany

Dear all,

after having enjoyed the Atlantic Cruise on board of MV Norröna at the beginning of April we thought it would be a good idea to give you some feedback of our impressions. So first of all we must admit that the weather was really brilliant - at least in Iceland with sunshine only. Also the sea was very calm which consequently provided best possible conditions for a pleasant trip.

It probably doesn't make sense to compare the Norröna with typical pure cruise vessels but still there is lots of different opportunities what to do on board of your vessel and it definitely never gets boring. The choice of different restaurants is ok although in the buffet restaurant it becomes quite crowdy during peak times (although the vessel was by far not fully booked as far as we learnt). However the food was good which is the most important item of course. Additionally we liked the shop which was bigger than expected. Maybe you could sell more local products from Faroe Islands and Iceland there but the overall variety of goods was really appreciated.

We also very much enjoyed the excursion trips by bus. As usual we would have preferred more time at some places and maybe less at others but the program was ok. Just at the Myvatn Blue Lagoon it is hardly possible to have both - i.e. a bath in the lagoon and also lunch before or after - just within 90 minutes stay there. Also the stop at Egilsstadir could have been a bit longer than just 30 minutes or so. Maybe for the future you could also think of offering alternative trips in Iceland. We assume that for instance a short tour to Reydarfjördur / Eskifjördur / Neskaupsstadur could be interesting as well?

Let us pls shortly mention what we noticed very positively and where is maybe room for improvement:

Our tour guide on the Faroe Islands (Ole) was really the best guide you can imagine and a very good team together with bus driver Hans. He always told us some background stories tourists from abroad couldn't find anywhere else. And there was always time for a little joke, too! So, really thumbs up for this guide!

We also enjoyed the Viking buffet on last evening but my wife and daughter prefer vegetarian food which the Vikings are not really famous for. So we asked the waitress if there is any alternative and she shortly discussed that with the chef. Shortly after that we got a Risotto which was amazingly delicious. Bearing in mind that this was prepared just adhoc this was really good. So we definitely appreciated that kind of flexibility!

Finally we have to say that the entire crew (especially the young ladies in the (buffet) restaurant) is fully focussed on customer needs. The waitresses in the restaurant have always been very friendly - even in stressfull situations. As a guest it was really a pleasure to stay on board of your ship also because of the very service minded crew.

However there is always room for improvement, isn't it? Our daughter wanted to play with playstations in the dedicated room. Unfortunately a lot of the equipment there was damaged or even missing. That's obviously caused by some stupid passengers but still quite sad for those ones who just want to play a bit there.
We were also looking forward to the movie about Iceland which was shown on board the day before we arrived there. But when it started we immediately realized that it was already 30 years old or so? And therefore not really up to date anymore. There are hundreds of better clips on youtube and maybe you can just pick a newer one for the future trips?

In order to prove that I'm not joking about the weather I have attached a few pictures. We love to have a look at them ever and ever again enabling us to remember a really amazing voyage.

So once again we had a lot of fun during this one week. The concept of this weekly cruise tour is a very good one we think and maybe we will do it again. We hope that customer bookings & feedback are in line with your expectations for this product.

Finally a big thanks to your entire team on board and ashore. You have done a very good job - thank you!

Best regards from Germany

Xenia, Iryna & Sebastian Bruchhardt

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