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How to get to/from Hirtshals

In connection with Norröna sailing to/from Hirtshals, there are of course many practical questions from our travelers. Below we have compiled a series of practical information:


Terminal in Hirtshals 

We use the Fjord Line Terminal. The terminal is situated at Hirtshals harbor, about 15-20 minutes by foot from Hirtshals city center. It is possible to buy coffee + tea in the terminal, but not food. There are both elevator and escalator in the terminal. Passengers will embark through a regular gangway.


How do I drive to the ferry?

The port of Hirtshals gives our travelers the advantage of direct access to the freeway. Drive along E 39 to the last roundabout before the road to Hirtshals town (on your left hand you will see a row of flags and a gas station). Take the first exit to your right which is clearly marked SMYRIL LINE with a pictogram of a ferry and follow the road which takes you directly to the ferry at Containerkajen 4, Hirtshals. When you get to the port area, it is easy to find Norröna. 


Train connections 

Trains run from Aalborg to Hirtshals via Hjørring. From Hjørring there is a local train to Hirtshals. The travel time is approx. 22 min. 

If you are coming from Hirtshals you can take the local train to Hjørring. From Hjørring there are good train connections to other cities. The trip from Hjørring to for instance Aalborg takes approx. 45 min.
For bus and train schedule to and from Hirtshals see www.rejseplanen.dk 



Upon Norrönas arrival and departure buses from “Vrå Busser” usually are at the terminal. Please notice that this is not a Smyril Line bus, and therefore we cannot guarantee that the buses are at the terminal. The bus fee of approx. DKK 15 (one way) is paid directly to the driver, and only Danish krona is accepted.



The nearest airport is Aalborg offering shuttle to Lindholm station, which has trains connecting to Hirtshals. There are many cheap domestic flights to/from CPH for our foot passengers, and there are many foreign flights to Southern Europe available for our passengers. For those who have car, there is free parking in Aalborg Airport.


    Taxis from Hirtshals


    Hirtshals taxi:

    Tel. no. 0045 98944000



    Godis Taxa

    Tel. no. 0045 98941789



    There are usually taxis waiting at the terminal at arrival, however it is also possible to order a taxi from the terminal.



    The area has many hotel options, and Smyril Line has agreements with e.g. Montra Skaga Hotel in Hirtshals:


    Montra Skaga Hotel

    Willemoesvej 1

    DK-9850 Hirtshals


    It is possible to park at the hotel. The price per week is DKK 200 (subject to change).


    See also ToppenAfDanmark "

    Long-term parking


    If you come by car to Hirtshals, and you don't want to take the car with you onboard M/S Norröna, it is possible to park at the Montra Skaga Hotel. It's approx. 15 min. to wark from the hotel to the ferry terminal. 


    Please contact the hotel for reservation of parking space.

    You have to pay directly to the hotel.


    The price is DKK 200 per week (subject to change).


    Hotel contact information: 


    Montra Skaga Hotel

    Willemoesvej 1

    DK-9850 Hirtshals 


    Tel.: +45 98 94 55 00

    E-mail: skaga@skagahotel.dk




    We use Fjord Line Terminal:


    Container Kajen 4

    DK-9850 Hirtshals


    View map, Google maps.


    In the terminal there is:

    • Possibility to buy coffee + tea, but not food
    • Elevator and escalator
    • Regular gangway


    Useful links

    Useful links


    Busses in the northern Jutland area:


    You can also take the ferry between Seeland and Jutland:


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