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The Smyril Line App

We would like to recommend our free SMYRIL LINE APP for your journey

The app has been developed with the aim to give you quick and easy digital access to the information as well as offers that we have on board the ferry - while you are on board. With the app you get:

  • MyTicket - your ticket in your pocket, and an overview of what you have bought for the sailing (meals, cabins, etc.)
  • Inbox - all the public service messages in your preferred language
  • Ship Tracker - so you can always quickly see the location of the ferry ("how far are we now, dad?")
  • Coupons - special offers (requires that Bluetooth is turned on)
  • Info - easy access to information about the ferry, on-board facilities etc. as well as our destinations.


To download the app.

The app is available for iPhone and Android, and you download the app from their respective stores (search on "Smyril Line App"). Or, if you are currently visiting this page with a smartphone, you can simply click this link. We do recommend that you get he app before you start your trip.


If you have questions or comments in connection with the app while you're on board, please contact our reception on deck 5. You are also welcome to send us an email at booking@smyrilline.com.


Below we have tried to answer some of the most common questions about SMYRIL LINE APP.



    01. What can I do with this app? (features)

    Below you will find a description of the main features/functions of the SMYRIL LINE APP.



    You can access (view only, not change) your booking through the app. After you have logged in by supplying last name and booking number, you can see the details of your booking (sailing times, meals purchased etc.).

    Please note, that MyTicket displays on-board items only. That means that onshore items (e.g. hotels and excursions) will not show in MyTicket.


    Ship tracker

    The ship tracker is a nice little feature that displays the current location of Norröna.



    All the public announcements from the receptions will also be sent to your app. You will see the message in the language that you have set for the app (flag in upper right hand corner).



    Now and again, we will send you special offers, and even freebies. These will show up under "Coupons". In order to recieve these coupons & offers, you need to turn on Bluetooth on your device. If you leave Bluetooth off, the app will simply not receive any coupons.


    About (Content):

    The app also contains information about the ship, the restaurants, our destinations etc. The content is stored on a local server on-board, so it does not require an internet connection.

    02. How and where can I get the app? Can I download the app while on-board the ship?

    The app is available for download for IOS and Android, and you can only download it through their stores (Apple AppStore and Google Play).


    Since you will need an internet connection in order to download the app, we recommend that you download the app before you travel.


    However, in order to give you a last chance to download the app before departure, we have set up a free internet hot spot close to the reception on deck 5 (currently only available in the Tórshavn, Faroe Islands). Here, you will be able to download the app while Norröna is in port. Upon departure, the hotspot will be shut down.

    03. Which languages are available?

    The app is available in English, German, Faroese, and Danish.


    Based on your phone settings the app will set a default language that it think is correct for you. However, you can easily change the language from the home screen (tap "home") and then tapping the flag in the upper right hand corner.

    04. Can I use the app for check-in?

    Yes, for the check-in, we only require your booking number (and some identification, of course). If you have logged in to MyTicket, you can either hand over your smartphone to the check-in staff, or just state the booking number that you see in MyTicket. 

    05. Can I use the app in the on-board restaurants?

    Yes, MyTicket will display all the meals that you have pre-booked. When you enter the restaurant, just open MyTicket and show the screen to our staff. Our staff will now press the "use meal" button, and MyTicket will be displayed as “used”.

    06. Can I make purchases with the app?

    No, the the app has no payment options. 

    07. Do I need to turn on Bluetooth?

    To get your full benefit of the app we recommend you to turn Bluetooth on to receive unique offers and other items only available through the APP. Today’s Bluetooth hardly use any electricity meaning it does not drain your battery.

    08. Do I need an internet connection in order to use the app?

    Yes and no.


    During sailing (on-board): When you come aboard, you will need to connect to our free local wi-fi network (the app will ask him to do so). Once you are connected, the app will work without an internet connection (the app fetches the required info from the local server on-board).


    Before and after the journey: When you are not on-board (e.g. at home or at the destination), the app needs an internet connection in order to work properly.

    09. Does the app have a chat function, so I can communicate with the reception or some of my friends?

    No, this version of the app does not include a chat function.

    10. Whom do I turn to, if I have questions or experience some errors in the app?

    The reception on deck 5 on-board is prepared to answer all questions and help you with any issues that you might experience.

    11. Can I use the app before and after my journey?

    Yes, you can. However, since we primarily developed the app for on-board use, most of the functions (and information) in the app focus on the journey itself.

    12. Why should I use this app?

    When we developed this app, one of our main goals was to utilize the power of the smarthpone to provide you, the customer, with helpful, relevant, and interesting information on their journey. From our perspective, some of the main benefits of the app are:

    • you get easy access to your ticket information (in your pocket)
    • you get all the public announcements in your preferred language
    • you get easy access to the Ship Tracker, so you can instantly see where Norröna is at the moment.
    • you receive notifications when we have special offers.
    • you get esay access to information about the ship and our destinations.
    • you don't pay anything - the app is completely free - both to download and to use.


    We hope you will find the app useful and fun to use.

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    Remember to pick up the Smyril Line app before you travel.


    The Smyril Line App gives you easy access to your ticket from your smartphone, and you can stay updated with good offers and entertainment onboard.


    >> Click here to download the app <<

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