Daily Operations

Daily operations

All that can be done, has been done, in order that the travellers are not disturbed by noise, vibration or rolling. The model of the “Norröna” which is approx. eight meters in length, was no fewer than 15 times in the test tank in Hamburg, where it got a very good recommendation. The normal procedure is that the lower rating the ship receives on a test rating ladder from 1 to 10, the better the ship is. The model of the new North Atlantic cruise-ferry received a final 1.8 on the test rating ladder in Hamburg. Only very few cruise-liners receive such good results.


Passenger and freight ship

The new Norröna is built as a passengers og freight ship. She has three times the capacity for both trailers and cars, compared with the “Norröna I. She can take 1.482 passengers and there is space for 800 cars. Her cargo capacity is 3,250 tonnes.


The daily operation of the ship

The crew is at most numbering 118 persons, all depending on the number of passengers carried. The engineroom does not require a watch and can be manned by five men against 10 on the old ship. A total of 14 persons can operate the ship – three on the bridge, five in the engineroom and six on the deck.

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    Smyril Line runs the only passenger ferry to Iceland and the Faroe Islands. M/S Norröna has weekly departures from Denmark.


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