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    Couchettes or couchette compartment

    Couchettes are the simplest and most economical type of accommodation on board. Couchettes are perfect for the budget-conscious and are offered for 1-6 travelers. The doors to a couchette cannot be locked and toilets and shared shower facilities are situated in the corridoor. The couchettes are gender specific compartments, men and women must be in separate sleeping compartments. There are six bunk beds in each couchette compartment and the couchettes are located on deck 2 (below car deck).


    Included in the price

    Couchettes include 2 x lunch in The Diner when travelling to Iceland and 1 x lunch in the Diner when travelling to the Faroe Islands. Your ticket also states how many times lunch is included.


    1-2 persons

    If you are 1-2 persons travelling and you want a couchette, then other travelers of the same gender can be reserved in the same couchette compartment. For gender specific compartments, men and women must be in separate sleeping compartments.


    3-6 persons

    If you are 3-6 paying persons travelling together it is possible to book a couchette compartment for yourselves. If you reserve all beds within a compartment, you may mix genders. When booking a couchette compartment, lunch is not included, but can be pre-booked together with the ticket.



    Additional purchase options


    Bed linen package

    Bed linen is not included in the couchette price, but it is possible to pre-book a bed linen package for EUR 9 per person. A bed linen package includes a duvet, pillow (with covers), bed sheet and towel. If you have pre-booked a bed linen package, the bed linen package will be brought to your couchette shorty after departure. If you want to rent a bed linen package when on board, you can book it at the reception on Deck 5. The cost is EUR 20 per person. The bed linen package will be delivered to your couchette shortly after booking it onboard.


    Luggage lockers

    If you would like to store your luggage you can do so in the lug¬gage lockers on deck 2 or 7. The boxes are in two sizes: The large box is 88cm (D), 60cm (H) and 40cm (W) and the smaller one is 78cm (D), 40cm (H) and 30cm (W). The cost for using the boxes is DKK 10 for the small one and DKK 20 for the bigger one. It costs every time the box is opened.



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    • Couchettes
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