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en - Explore Iceland in your own vehicle in April

Explore Iceland in your own vehicle in April

Save up to € 210 per person

The offer includes the ferry from Denmark to Iceland and return, couchettes on board incl. today's lunch every day and your own vehicle with you on board. The couchettes are gender specific basic cabins which are located below the car deck and have 6 bunks in each couchette compartment. They are without bed making, however you can prebook bed linen at the price of € 9 per person each way. See photos of the couchettes here


MS Norröna departs from Hirtshals every Saturday in April and on the way to Iceland the ferry will stop in the Faroe Islands for 9 hours. For these hours you have the opportunity to go ashore in Tórshavn and do some seightseeing before you continue to Iceland. There is also a stop in the Faroes for 6 hours on the return to Denmark.


In Iceland you can drive as you like and see fantastic glaciers, bathe in terapeutic thermal waters, see the fascinating geysers and fantastic waterfalls, or try sailing on the ice lagoon Jökulsarlon, one of the greatest wonders in Iceland. Iceland also offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor thrills and adventures such as glacier hiking, river rafting and snow scootering.


Spring is an excellent time to visit Iceland, as you may still catch the Northern Lights. Another advantage of visiting Iceland in the spring instead of the high season is that there will be less tourists around and it is easier to find available accommodation and tours.


Please note that winter tires and snow chains are recommended in Iceland all months of the year excl. June, July and August.




Price per person when 2 travel together:


Outbound (from Hirtshals, DK):

Dates: 7.4, 14.4, 21.4 & 28.4.2018




Return option 1 (from Seyðisfjørður, IS):

Dates: 18.4 & 25.4 2018

  • Incl. your own car (max 5 m L. og 1,9 m H.): € 440
  • Incl. your own large car (max 5 m L. og 2,5 m H.): € 585
  • Incl. your own camper (max 5 m L. og over 2,5 m H.): € 635



Return option 2 (from Seyðisfjørður, IS):

Dates: 2.5, 9.5, 16.5 & 23.5.2018

  • Incl. your own car (max 5 m L. og 1,9 m H.): € 500
  • Incl. your own large car (max 5 m L. og 2,5 m H.): € 675
  • Incl. your own camper (max 5 m L. og over 2,5 m H.): € 835




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    Driving in Iceland

    The Icelandic road system is extensive and easy to navigate. Highway no. 1, commonly known as the Ring Road, is the most travelled route around Iceland. It is open throughout the year, but weather conditions can cause temporary closures during winter. Most major highways are paved, but it may surprise travellers to learn that a large portion of the Icelandic road system is made up of gravel roads, particularly in the highlands.


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