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Holiday Home Vacation

A tour ideal for families, where you stay in a summer house from where you can make various excursions

If you would like some peace and quiet in inspiring surroundings with family and friends, a holiday home vacation is right for you. With the one-week programme you stay in two different houses, either in the North and the East or the South and the East. With the twoweek programme you stay for 3 or 4 nights in each region: North, West, southwest and southeast.


We suggest visiting Mývatn in the north, bathing in the Blue Lagoon, seeing the colossal waterfall Gullfoss in the southwest, as well as Jökulsárlón glacier in the southeast. These are only suggestions – there is much more to explore.


For alternative travel periods and number of travelers, please send a request to booking@smyrilline.com. You can also phone us on +298 345900.


All Iceland package prices are subject to change due to a possible increase in VAT in Iceland.

Price examples

Price per person when 2 adults travel together incl. 1 car

Price per person when 4 adults travel together incl. 1 car

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    Good to know

    Self-drive programmes around Iceland

    Smyril Line offers both one and two week self-drive programmes around Iceland. The self-drive programmes are designed with the goal of creating a balanced program with lots of wonderful things to see and do. You choose the program that suits you best and the accommodation category you prefer (with or without ensuite facilities). It is also possible to add excursions, such as whale watching trips, snowmobile tours, river rafting and horse riding.


    There are 4 main categories:


    Highlights of Iceland 

    This is the standard route, following the ring around Iceland. Bookable with (+) or without (-) ensuite facilities.


    Highland adventure 

    This route goes through the highlands of Iceland and is only possible during the summerperiod and requires a good 4WD. Bookable with (+) or without (-) ensuite facilities.


    Iceland Boutique

    On this route you stay at the nicest and most tasteful or original hotels in each area. In few locations, you may be accommodated at farms with a special atmosphere. Only bookable with (+) ensuite facilities.


    Holiday homes 

    With the one week trip you have 3 days in the Mývatn/Akureyri area and then 4 days in the Egilstaðir area in the east. With two weeks you have 3 nights in the north and then the route goes counterclockwise around the country. Depending on the availability, the route can also take you clockwise around the country, starting off in the south. Holiday home packages include accommodation in privately owned houses. Bed linen, towels, heating and electricity is included. The houses are equipped with kitchen facilities, refrigerator, shower, toilet and living room/area. At the end of your stay you have to clean the house yourself.



    When booking a roundtrip you will get a detailed itinerary of the trip, address of the booked accommodation, directions on how to get there and vouchers for all booked services such as accommodation and excursions.


    Special needs

    If you have special needs, then please inform us upon booking.


    Driving in Iceland

    Driving in Iceland might be quite different from what you are used to. We recommend that you check safetravel.is where you will find descriptions of what you can expect and guidelines about how to handle different situations that might arise.


    Travelling on MC

    The routes, which are most suitable for MC’s, are route 1, 5, 8 and 17. It is also possible to go into the highlands (route 3 and route 7) on a motorbike, but this is only for experienced drivers.


    Snow chains

    We recommend bringing along snow chains during the period outside June, July and August.


    Fixed routes

    The routes in Iceland are fixed. In the event of fully booked accommodation during the high season (June, July and August), travellers may expect slight changes to the itineraries.


    Catalogue (single)

    Excursions in Iceland

    Excursions in Iceland

    To make your trip in Iceland even more exciting you have the option to go on different excursions. Here are some of the popular excursions in Iceland.


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