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Village holiday- Gjógv

The charming Guesthouse Gjáargarður is situated in very cosy, peaceful and beautiful surroundings and has a nice and friendly atmosphere.

Inspiration to your stay in the Faroe Islands

Visit the wonderful guesthouse Gjáargarður in the idyllic village Gjógv, which is over 400 years old and still has about 30 inhabitants. This charming guesthouse with its friendly atmosphere is located in one of the most picturesque villages in the Faroes. Gjáargarður is only about an hour’s drive from Tórshavn, but yet you will experience being far away. Here you can truly enjoy the tranquility of the idyllic village or go hiking in the magnificent surroundings. Staying at Gjáargarður also gives you the opportunity to see local attractions or exploring the island in your own car. In other words Gjógv is a good base for various excursions and trips.


Gjógv - surrounded by one of the highest mountains in the Faroes

The village's name derives from its gorge, an ancient natural harbor, which has given the village its name as gjógv means gorge in Faroese. This is the northernmost settlement on the island Eysturoy and is located approximately 67 km from Tórshavn. The oldest settlement in Gjógv is “Eysturi við Garðar”, approximately where the church and the graveyard is today.


The first record of Gjógv is from 1584, but it is believed that the village is much older than that. Gjógv can be idyllic and peaceful on at calm summer’s day, but it can be equally dramatic and impressive when gale storms rage the islands.

Price per person when 2 travel together incl. 1 car and the following nights in Guesthouse Gjáargarður: 


3 nights (Mon.-Thu).: from € 620
Valid 07.01-29.04 & 16.09-25.11.2017 


3 nights (Mon.-Thu).: from € 705
Valid 06.05-03.06 & 26.08-09.09.2017 


4 nights (Wed.-Sun.): from € 835
Valid 20.06-08.08.2017 


5 nights (Sun.-Fri.): from € 900
Valid 24.06-19.08.2017


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    • Guesthouse Gjáargarður

      The name derives from its harbour (gjógv - gorge). The 400 years old village Gjógv has about 60 inhabitants. The village Gjógv is the northernmost village on Eysturoy and is situated 64,31 kilometres from Tórshavn. The road leads trough 10 villages and will take you over the bridge that connects the two largest islands Streymoy and Eysturoy.


      Gjáargarður has a wide rage of accommodation; single bedrooms, double bedrooms and family rooms. Gjáargarður has something for everyone. Despite Gjáargarður being built in several floors, handicapped visitors can independently visit Gjáargarður. All floors are accessible from the outside and all doorsteps have been modified to allow free movement around each floor. Smoking is prohibited in all bedrooms. Gjáargarður offers internet access free of charge

      The Restaurant serves breakfast, a light meal at midday, and dinner in the evening.


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