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Holiday home Holiday in the Faroe Islands

Spend a week in a Faroese holiday home/apartment with beautiful surroundings. In your own car you can go exactly where you like, when you like, and you have time to really experience the beautiful islands.

How about a fully equipped holiday home or an apartment for your stay in the Faroes? Centrally located, Tórshavn is the starting point for numerous excursions to the many attractions of the islands. The city itself offers entertainment and relaxation with museums, shops, restaurants and bars. Your accommodation will give you the option of affordable self-catering and make your stay in the Faroes more independent and spontaneous to suit your mood and the weather.
Holiday homes and apartments are available in a variety of sizes and standards that will satisfy any taste and budget. Further information about the holiday homes/apartments you can find here www.greengate.fo. The prices on the right hand side are from prices and are valid for holiday homes/apartments with 1 bedroom. 


If you would like other houses, less or more nights in the Faroe Islands, then please contact us for information and price: booking@smyrilline.com. We are happy to assist you.


Price per person when 2 travel together incl. 1 car and the following nights in a holiday home


Ferry and 3 nights in a holiday home 

06.01-24.03 & 27.10-15.12.2018

from € 545



from € 635


07.04-02.06 & 25.08-20.10.2018

from € 720


Ferry and 4 nights in a holiday home


from € 690


Ferry and 5 nights in a holiday home


from € 765


Ferry and 7 nights in a holiday home


from € 915


Ferry and 10 nights in a holiday home

06.01-17.03 & 27.10-08.12.2018

from € 995


24.03, 31.03 & 20.10.2018

from € 1,085


07.04-26.05 & 25.08-13.10.2018

from € 1,170





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    • Prices 2018

      Prices 2018

      Here you can download the transport- and package prices to Iceland and the Faroe Islands.

    Island hopping

    This package gives you the opportunity to experience different regions of the Faroe Islands.


    City comfort

    Here you stay in the capital Tórshavn.


    Hotel Skálavík

    Hotel Skálavík is situated in the island of Sandoy. When booking a package including Hotel Skálavík, you need to take the ferry M/F Teistin accross to the island. The ferry departs from Gamlarætt and arrives in Skopun. The crossing takes about 30 min. You pay for the crossing on the return from Sandoy. It takes about 20 min. to drive from Tórshavn to Gamlarætt and it takes about 20-30 min. to drive from Skopun to Hotel Skálavík. Vehicles should be in the queue at least 15 min. before departure. Vehicles over 7 m. and / or higher than 1.9 m, need to book in advance, at 00298 293103 or contact Smyril Line for assistance 00298 345900.


    Village holiday

    Here you stay outside the capital Tórshavn.


    Holiday homes

    Holiday home packages include accommodation in privately owned houses. Heating and electricity is included, but bed linen and end cleaning is not. Bed linen can be ordered in advance. End cleaning is mandatory and will be added to the package price.


    Breakfast upon early arrival

    When arriving in the Faroe Islands Monday morning, breakfast is not included, but can be pre-booked upon request. Prices for extra breakfast may vary from hotel to hotel.


    Special needs

    If you have special needs, then please inform us upon booking.


    Please note

    We cannot guarantee that the specific options you request, such as room type or package, will be available when booking. However, we will do our utmost to offer you a suitable alternative. Package prices will offcourse, reflect any changes accordingly.