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Smyril Line - Hiking in the Faroe Islands incl. guide

Hiking in the Faroe Islands incl. guide

With this package your base is at four star hotel and includes 5 days of scenic hiking trips. 

Experience the world’s most unspoiled and unique archipelago, on a guided hiking trip through the Faroe Islands. From the mountain tops and down to the valleys. With this package you get 7 nights at 4 star Hotel Føroyar situated in the capital Tórshavn and 5 days of scenic hiking trips. Each morning a bus will pick you up at the hotel and bring you to the place where the hiking trip starts. When back from the hiking trip a bus will bring you back to the hotel, except on Thursday. 


Monday you will hike for a whole day on the island of Mykines. The ferry “Jósup” sails from Sørvágur to Mykines. The crossing takes approx. 45 min. Mykines is known for its spectacular beauty, rolling hills and precitious cliffs full of birdlife. The main attraction on the island is the Mykines-holmur, which is a freestanding rock that is connected to Mykines by a small steel bridge in an altitude of 35 meters. The rock is inhabited by thousands of seabirds.


Tuesday is a hike from Bø. Bøur is a beautiful little village on the west-side of Vágar.


You hike the mountain to have a beautiful view over Gásadalur, where one of the infamous waterfalls can be seen. Gásadalur is located on the west-side of Vágar with a view over the island of Mykines.


Wednesday you sail with the ferry “Sam” from Klaksvík on Borðoy to Syðradalur. The crossing takes approx. 20 min. The hike will go to Trøllanes and Nestindar. Trøllanes is the northernmost village on the island of Kalsoy. Trøllanes in Faroese means foreland of Trolls, it was given this name because of an old legend. On this hike you will for instance see the statue of the Selkie, a sealwoman also known from old Faroese folklore.


Thursday the hike starts from Kirkjubø to Argir. This is a more relaxing and easy hike. Kirkjubøur is a beautiful and charming village where most of the houses are built in the old style. The village has a wealth of attractions; for example, the enigmatic Magnus Cathedral, built around the year 1300 by Bishop Erlendur, the St. Olaf’s Church and the Kirkjuböargarður estate farmhouse (Roykstovan), a stave house dating back to the turn of the first millennium, said to be the world’s oldest inhabited wooden house. On the route, you have a great view of the islands of Sandoy, Hestur, Koltur, Vágar, Eysturoy and Nólsoy. When the hike ends at Argir, you will be free to go for a stroll downtown or back to the hotel.


Friday you have a day off to rest and gather new energy for Saturdays excursion. The hike starts from Tjørnuvík and ends at Saksun. Depending on the weather, you have views of Slættaratindur and Gráfelli which, with respective heights of 880 and 856 meters, are the two highest mountains in the Faroe Islands. You also have a view of the village Eiði and the characteristic and historic stone pillars, the Giant and the Witch. From Tjørnuvíksskarð and down to the village Saksun you get a fantastic view of the beautiful lagoon surrounded by sand in the fjord in Saksun. The high mountains give the area some mystery and unimaginable beauty. Sunday evening you travel back to Hirshals with MS Norröna. 


Price example: 7 nights in the Faroes with 5 days of guided hiking


Departure from Hirtshals: 12.08.2017

Return from Tórshavn: 20.08.2017



Price per person when 2 persons travel together:


€ 2.490 

Save € 62



For alternative travel dates please contact Smyril Line.



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    Departure from Hirtshals, Denmark, at 15:30 hrs.



    Breakfast onboard at Norröna Buffet restaurant. 
    Arrival in the Faroe Islands at 22:30 hrs.
    Check in at Hotel Føroyar.



    Pick up Hotel Føroyar at 09:00 hrs.         
    Ferry from Sørvágur to Mykines.        
    Hiking in Mykines incl. packed lunch (whole day).        
    Ferry from Mykines to Sørvági.         
    Transport to hotel.         



    Pick up Hotel Føroyar at 12:50 hrs.        
    Hiking Bø (view over Gásadalur) (4 hour hike).        
    Transport back to hotel.       



    Pick up Hotel Føroyar at 07:45 hrs.
    Ferry from Klaksvík to Syðradalur.
    Hiking Trøllanes incl. packed lunch (whole day).
    Transport back to hotel.



    Pick up Hotel Føroyar at 15:40 hrs.
    Hiking from Kirkjubø-Argir (2 hours and 30 minutes).



    Day off.



    Pick up Hotel Føroyar at 12:30 hrs.
    Hiking Tjørnuvík – Saksun (4 hours).
    Transport back to hotel.



    Check out of Hotel Føroyar at 12:00 hrs.
    Departure with MS Norröna at 23:30.



    Breakfast onboard at Norröna Buffet Restaurant 



    Breakfast onboard at Norröna Buffet Restaurant. 
    Arrival in Hirtshals at 09:30 hrs. 


    Please note that all tours are subject to change depending on the weather. 

    All hiking trips require a sturdy pair of hiking shoes or hiking boots, rain gear, and non-cotton and cotton clothing layers. Pairs of wool or synthetic hiking socks are also recommended.


    • Hotel Føroyar

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      The hotel is located in a wonderfully calm and quiet area, yet only 6 minutes from town by car. Should you prefer walking into town, it takes approximately 25 minutes via well-worn sheep trails that find their way through the beautiful and peaceful landscape. In other words - an excellent base for a stay. 


      The closest neighbours are the birds that often nest outside on the roof, right by the windows - perhaps you are the lucky one to see an egg hatch one day. Then there are the omnipresent Faroese sheeps, that walk silently around grassing right outside.


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