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About Smyril Line Excursions

Smyril Line excursions is a co-operation between Smyril Line and HK busses.


Smyril Line was established in 1982 and is today an international company with offices in the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Germany and Denmark. Furthermore Smyril Line is co-operating with agents in the most of Europe and the rest of the world.


Smyril Line's primary work area is travel and freight transport in the North Atlantic. Furthermore Smyril Line runs the Hotel Skálavík (www.hotelskalavik.com) and Smyril Line Excursions, which was founded together with HK busses in 2015 in order to offer tourist traveling to the Faroe Islands high quality excursions with very well qualified guides and busses.


HK busses is a Faroese buss company located in the village Hvalvík. HK busses are known for their quality and good service. The float consist of 9 busses which can have from 9 to 52 passengers. For more information please visit www.hk.fo.  


If you have questions please contact us on booking@excursions.fo or call us at +298 34 59 00

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Smyril Line runs the only passenger ferry to Iceland and the Faroe Islands. M/S Norröna has weekly departures from Denmark.


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