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The Faroe Islands - The Most Unspoilt Archipelago on Earth

Transport only

Perhaps you already have accommodation and excursions planned in the Faroe Islands, or you prefer to make your own arrangements.


  • i With your own CAR

    With your own CAR

    In your own car you can explore the Faroe Islands exactly the way you choose

  • i With your own CAMPER

    With your own CAMPER

    Enjoy the rugged cliffs and the green mountainsides speckled with sheep.

  • i With your own MC

    With your own MC

    The Faroe Islands is a great MC holiday destination. Notice offer in high season.

  • i On FOOT

    On FOOT

    The Faroese bus and ferry system is excellent and gets you around easily.


We have created some interesting packages for your trip to the Faroe Islands. When you buy a package, you let us take care of both transportation as well as your stay on the islands. 


  • i Island Hopping

    Island Hopping

    The island hopping offers you accommodation in hotels in different regions of the Faroes.

  • i City comfort

    City comfort

    There is something truly special about the Faroese capital, Tórshavn

  • i Village Holiday

    Village Holiday

    These packages offer you accommodation in cosy villages.

  • i Holiday Home

    Holiday Home

    Spend a week in a Faroese holiday home.

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