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Time Line

  • November: Mr Óli Hammer, Mr Jógvan í Dávastovu and Mr Andrias Joensen founded the company Smyril Line. The Swedish ferry “Gustav Wasa”, build in 1973, is bought and renamed the Norröna.

  • June: The Norröna is being modified and takes over service of a route previously serviced by a ferry called the Smyril.

  • Smyril Line opens an office in Bergen, Norway, the Company's first office abroad.

  • Further offices in Reykjavík and Copenhagen are opened. The Copenhagen office is later relocated to Hanstholm.

  • Smyril Line (“SL”) acquires some assets from Vilhelm Nielsen and the construction of a new office building begins.

  • The new office building is inaugurated

  • SL acquires Hotel Borg and renames it the Hotel Føroyar.

  • The first plans on building a new ferry are presented

  • For the first time the Nørrona is in operation all year, though during the first few years it is only the route between Tórshavn and Hanstholm that is in service throughout the year. This year final plans are made to presented to build a new ferry

  • Flensburger Schiffbau G. wins the contract for building the new ferry. The contract is subsequently transferred to Flender Werft in Lübeck. SL leases a freight ship to operate on the company's freight routes throughout the year. The hostel “Tórshavn”, opens for business.

  • The first modul of steel construction for the new ferry is completed.

  • The hull of the new Norröna is completed on the 24th August.

  • The new ferry the Norröna is handed over to Smyril Line on the 7th April and commences operations on the 10th April.

  • In 2012 Smyril Line moved the Scandinavian office in Denmark from Hanstholm to Hirtshals. In Hirtshals there is a new team of 4 people, who are responsible for selling trips with Norröna to the Faroe Islands and Iceland on the Scandinavian markets.
    On November 1, 2012, Smyril Line celebrated its 30th anniversary. The company was founded by Óli Hammer, Jógvan í Dávastovu and Andrias Joensen, three ship officers working at Strandfaraskip Landsins (Faroese national transport company). Under the leadership of Captain Óli Hammer, they launched Smyril Line P/F.

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Smyril Line runs the only passenger ferry to Iceland and the Faroe Islands. M/S Norröna has weekly departures from Denmark.


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