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Smyril Line was established in 1982 and is today an international company with offices in the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Germany and Denmark. Furthermore Smyril Line is co-operating with agents in the most of Europe and the rest of the world

35 years have passed since the shipping company Smyril Line was founded in 1. november 1982 by three ship officers, Óli Hammer, Jógvan í Dávastovu and Andrias Joensen, working at the publicly owned shipping company Strandfaraskip Landsins. Smyril Line purchased a Swedish ferry, renovated it and named it M/S Norröna. It had a capacity of 1,050 passengers and 300 cars. Norröna’s first season was the summer of 1983.

Over the years, Smyril Line became known as the reliable connection to great adventures in the North Atlantic. Demand rose steadily and after 20 years in service, it became clear that it was time to replace M/S Norröna with a larger more modern ferry. In 2003 the current M/S Norröna ferry entered service. It has a capacity of 1,482 passengers and 800 cars and set out on its maiden voyage on April 7. 
Today P/F Smyril Line is a well-reputed shipping company linking the North Atlantic and continental Europe. The Danish Travel Awards 2012 listed Smyril Line among its top three passenger transport shipping companies. In 2014 Norröna was named the ship of the year by The Faroese Maritime Authority.
Smyril Line's Headquarter is in Tórshavn in the Faroe Islands. Smyril Line has its own offices in Iceland, Germany and Denmark.


Smyril Line's primary workarea is travel and freight transport in the North Atlantic. 




If you would like to get in touch with us, here you will find an overview of our offices as well as our sales agents.

Press Entrance

Press Entrance

Smyril Line strives to give the press a quick and good service. Journalists and other members of the press are always welcome to contact CEO, Rúni Vang Poulsen.

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Smyril Line runs the only passenger ferry to Iceland and the Faroe Islands. M/S Norröna has weekly departures from Denmark.


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